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MOD'E AN'I, transcription of a prayer, after a melody by M. Gelbary, 1996, for clarinet, mezzo-soprano, harp and mixed choir

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Commissioned by Plaene Records, 1995
Publisher: Israel Music Institute, 1996, IMI 7080 | Duration: 7 min.


CD: Plaene Records LC 0972, 88784, 1995
Clarinet: Giora Feidman
Mezzo-sopran: Katia Beer
NDR Choir
Conductor: Werner Hagen

Mod’e An’i is a Jewish prayer recited first thing in the morning to thank the Creator for breathing the soul into the body once again. Here, only the first part of the prayer is said, the rest being dropped.

The person praying is a survivor of the Holocaust, horrified, after many years of agony and misfortune, at having forgotten the rest of the prayer that always used to come as naturally to him as breathing...

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