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MAKAMA'T, Five Middle-Eastern folk songs, 1988, for female voice and nine players: flute, clarinet, percussion, harp, 2 violins, viola, 'cello and double-bass

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Commissioned by the Festival '900 di Ternto
Publisher: Ricordi, 1989 | Duration: 6'20 min.


CD: Ricordi CRMCD 1009, 1989
Mezzo-sopran: Esti Keinan-Ofri

Ensemble Musica Novecento-Trento

In Makama’t, Betty Olivero orchestrates five brief fragments of Yemeni, Bedouin and Egyptian poetry, leaving no interval between the authentic singing, and the instrumental part, 

which is entirely coherent with modern writing. It is almost as if there were no barriers between the ancient and the modern, the popular and the refined.

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