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KRI'OT, 2008, for solo saxophone or clarinet and orchestras

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Commissioned by the Judaica Division of Harvard University
To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel
Publisher: Israel Music Institute, 2008, IMI 7848 | Duration: 18 min.


Kri’ot derives its inspiration from the characteristic melismatic singing, while praying and reading biblical texts as well as from folk and traditional songs, sung by the Jews from eastern European, Balkan, North African and Middle-Eastern countries.

In this piece I present a panoramic view of cross over musical material of different geographic and ethnic origins, trying to bring about from its apparently different nature and spirit, an homogeneous and natural musical co-existence.

Traditional and ethnic music materials are processed using western contemporary compositional techniques. They undergo in this work, processes of development, adaptation, transformation, assimilation, resetting and re-composition, to the point of assuming new forms and being placed in different contexts. These processes touch on widespread and complex areas of contrast, such as east and west, holy and secular, traditional and new. This musical heritage, which reached us after wondering through places and history, contains musical and literary materials from all over the world. The popular/folk and liturgical music of the Sephardic and East-European Diaspora is, in its essence, hundred years old classical-Arabic

music, which was kept through prayers and songs throughout generations. The prayers and songs of the Ashkenazi Jews hold elements and Gipsy music influences on one hand, and Gregorian singing on the other. The wanderings of the Jews all over and throughout history took this music on a long journey in their songs and prayers, which turned to be the travel of the universal folk music through history. There is a synthesis between western symphonic writing style and vocal and instrumental materials in this piece, which are derived from the popular Eastern-European, Middle-Eastern and Arabic music. This is a musical metaphor of longing for peace and brotherhood between countries in the Middle-East and the whole world. >> >> >>

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