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KAVEI-OR (Light Lines), 1999, for symphonic orchestra

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Commissioned by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
Publisher: Ricordi | Duration: 10 min.

Listen to The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta


The Etude Kavei-Avir (”As the Crow Flies”) composed in 1995 for an instrumental ensemble preceded the composition of Kavei-Or (Light lines). In the Etude, which opens this part in a new orchestral version, a sketch of notes and chords written by composer Luciano Berio appears as a musical cell, an omen. The chords, as they are interwoven melodically and harmonically within the body of the work, are salient in their structural character and unique harmonic color.

Their presence is like that of the mysterious guest whose appearance and disappearance remains an enigma that begs to be solved. Kavei-Or was commissioned by The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra through the generosity of Mrs. Ruth Usem and is dedicated in the memory of Mrs. Speigel. It was premiered by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra in Jerusalem during the Israel Festival in 1999.

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