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KAVE'I-AVI'R (a volo d'uccello), 1996, for flute, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, piano/celesta, 2 violins, viola, 'cello and double-bass

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Commissioned by the Milano Musica 1996
Publisher: Ricordi, 1996 | Duration: 6'57 min.


”Kave’i-Avi’r” (”as the crow flies”) was commissioned by Milano Musica – Festival Luciano Berio in 1996 and was dedicated to composer Luciano Berio for his 70th birthday. This piece is based on a sketch of notes written by Berio which appear in the piece as musical cells, as an omen. These chords, as they are interwoven melodically and harmonically within the body of the work, are salient in their structural character and unique

harmonic color.

Their presence is like that of the mysterious guest whose appearance and disappearance remains an enigma that longs to be solved. In 1999 the composer extended some sections of ”Kave’i-Avi’r” into the second movement (”Kave’i-Or”) of her large symphonic piece ”Merkavo’t”.

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