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DER GOLEM, for solo clarinet and string quartet

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Live music for the silent film ”Der Golem Wie er in die Welt Kam” by Paul Wegener (Germany 1920), 1997

Commissioned by ART WORKs Berlin
Publisher: Ricordi, 1997 | Duration: 78 min.

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Apparently different worlds are brought together in the film ”Der Golem-Wie er die Welt kam” by Paul Wegener (1920): The Jewish legend about the Golem of Pragh of the 16th century, Jewish customs and traditions through the centuries up to the early part of our century, when the film was made, and German Expressionism.

The music, which was composed by Betty Olivero to accompany the film, pays homage to the main trends that characterize the film and manifests the crossroads of these apparently distant worlds, yet connected in spirit, as expressed in the film.

The different characters and scenes that appear, one by one, in the beginning of the film, have each their particular and distinctive musical theme. As the drama develops these themes weave into each other, all immersed in traditional Jewish tunes from Jewish folk and Klezmer repertory on the one hand, as well as in highly sacred music from antique Jewish liturgy on the other.

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