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SERAFI'M, 2002, for soprano, violin, clarinet, cello and piano

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Commissioned by the Continuum Ensemble, New-York, 2002
Publisher: Israel Music Institute, 2002, IMI 7483 | Duration: 10 min.

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The spiritual source of ”Serafi’m” is to be found in the vision of the kingdom of heaven as it appears in sacred writings and traditional prayers of Jewish tradition. ”Angels of the sky” are found there, seen, and heard. The descriptions are fantastic, the images rich with sound, the turning and creaking of monumental chariot wheels, falling water, shouting crowds, cries of astonishment and awe, songs of glory, voices heard in stillness, beating wings, the movement of small things, whispers, silence. Rivers of fire, flash, thunder, light that blinds, that scintillates, echoes. Darkness.

And Serafi’m, alive as animals are alive, on air, on water, and in the earth.

Out of this fabulous tradition of sights and sounds, the composer has chosen the prayer Akedamo’t, introduction to the reading of the Bible scrolls at the start of the holy days of Shavuot in the Jewish tradition.

Akedamo’t is written in Aramaic. The vocal line of ”Serafi’m” is inspired by an ancient melody from the liturgical heritage of the Jews of Persia.

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