L'ORFEO, transcription of Monteverdi's opera L'Orfeo, a project directed by Luciano Berio, 1984

Commissioned by the Teatro Comunale di Firenze for the 47th Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Festival, 1984

In the early 1980’s, Luciano Berio had dressed the music of Monteverdi’s famous Orfeo with a contemporary sound created by a collective of composers. Created in Florence in 1984, this Orfeo II was a question of listening to history differently and updating it with new and even surprising sounds: mandolin orchestra, brass bands, rock band, electronic sounds... After performances of Orfeo II in Paris and Colmar in 1985, Berio revisited the score (by removing the number "II") for a new production in 1986, still in Florence. Orfeo’s two scores were then dispersed before being found and collected by the Paul Sacher Foundation. Today, most creative musicians are meeting again for a new revival of the laboratory work imagined by Berio, which will be carried out in the 1986 version under the scientific direction of Angela Ida De Benedictis.

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