SOFI’M (Endings), 1991, for solo piano

Publisher: Israel Music Institute, 1992, IMI 6929 | Duration: 10 min.

The work describes imaginary landscapes, which repeatedly appear and disappear in the far horizon. At its core is the idea of preserving the essence of patterns, which are displayed at the beginning of the work and which reappear throughout the composition in the same melodic and harmonic form but in different timbres, forms, rhythms and dynamics.

The composition is written in a free style and the performer may use the rhythms as he sees fit. In this way there are extreme contrasts of dynamics. In fact the repetitions are endless. The title Sofi’m (”endings”) represents the meaning of the music. Only the ”end” is the unequivocal finale but when we use it in the plural – ”endings”, it becomes endless.

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