MADRIGAL, 2007, for solo clarinet, accordion, percussion, 3 violas and two string ensembles​ and magnetic tape

Publisher: Israel Music Institute, 2007, IMI 7829 | Duration: 15 min.


“Madrigal” is another version of the piece “Neharo’t Neharo’t”, originally written by Betty Olivero for viola, accordion, percussion and two string ensembles. This piece represents the composer’s attempt to synthesize materials drawn from the Spanish and Eastern musical traditions with the Western artistic composition style. The dominant musical material for solo clarinet was inspired by the zorna – a woodwind instrument used in Asia Minor, played in a style typified by trills and ornamentations, especially in traditional ceremonies.  Commemorating 400 years since the premiere of

Monteverdi’s opera “Orfeo” in Mantua in 1607, the composer quotes from madrigals by Monteverdi “Madrigali Guerrieri e Amorosi” and from the famous aria sung by Orfeo – “You have died, my life, how will I continue to breathe”, as he mourns the death of Eurydice, his love. The climax and the ending of Olivero’s work features segments of area tapings of women living in Mediterranean countries, who are actually mourning at the scene – a traditional Kurdish song sung by singer Ilana Elia, as well as a Yemenite love song performed by singer Leah Avraham as a duet with the mourning Orfeo.

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